Shared Medical Services Stationary Solutions

Parked Mobile Solutions CT, MRI, PET/CT

Bridge the gap between mobile imaging solutions and in-house imaging with parked mobile solutions with Shared Medical Services!

Parked Mobile Modality Options:

· CT



The natural progression for many facilities is from regularly scheduled mobile service to a parked mobile solution. This allows the hospital more time for the people that need it the most – the patients.


Shared Medical Services has been working with facilities since 1980 helping them to determine the best solution for their radiology/nuclear medicine departments. A parked solution is a great way to bridge the gap between mobile services and going in-house. For many facilities a parked full-time system is a good litmus test to determine if a full-time in-house system is going to be helpful for your community and for the facility's bottom line.

A parked mobile solution is a popular stationary solution, allowing little to no up-front expenses. We also have unique financial options that best fit your facilities needs. These options allow facilities to add new modalities or supplement existing modalities with less risk.

What is a parked mobile solution:

  • Enclosed custom mobile coach with advanced diagnostic imaging equipment
  • Stand alone with an awning (as seen in picture above) or fixed/attached to your facility
  • Network connectivity
  • Registered, qualified, and patient oriented technologists (optional)
  • Quality assurance program that meets or exceeds The Joint Commission (TJC) standards
  • Marketing resources for physicians, staff, and community including collateral materials.

Why a parked mobile solution:

  • Space: If your facility doesn't have room and/or money to expand to add a new modality, a stationary mobile configuration allows much more flexibility to your facility.
  • Cost: Your facility doesn't have the capital to purchase a new modality and/or expand. With a parked mobile solution, your facility could have little to no up-front expenses.
  • Patient Volume: Don't know if the modality is right for your facility and/or community? A parked mobile solution is a great way to test out the advanced imaging solution and see if it's a good fit for your facility without a large capital investment.

If you are trying to determine what solution is the right fit for your facility, contact the experts at Shared Medical Services and let them assist you in making the best choice for your patients and your facility.


Find out more about how Shared Medical ServicesTM can help better serve your patients by bringing world-class diagnostic imaging to your institution. Improve your patient care without straining your organization's finances or ongoing patient services.