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Why Join Our Team

Since 1980 Shared Medical Services, Inc. (SMS) has been providing mobile diagnostic imaging to communities that otherwise would not have access to this high-quality service.  SMS is a pioneer in the imaging field, and is always quick to provide the newest mobile imaging technology. In the 1980's, SMS paved the road for mobile CT and MRI; now SMS is one of the first to offer mobile Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography (PET/CT) imaging. State-of-the-art diagnostic imaging comes at a price, one that many facilities cannot bear on their own.  By allowing facilities to "share" this technology in a mobile environment, SMS makes it possible for almost any community to take advantage of these high-tech solutions.
SMS Team Members are skilled, patient-oriented professionals who contribute to the success of the SMS imaging program. SMS is able to recruit the finest team members by offering excellent compensation, benefits, and a secure work environment, not to mention a fascinating people-oriented atmosphere where they will continue to grow in their profession. We understand our Team Members' needs for security and offer a 40-hour guarantee for all full-time mobile positions. In addition, we offer a longevity bonus to show our gratitude to dedicated field Team Members. For a complete list of benefits, please consult a member of our human resources team.
One of the most rewarding benefits is our willingness to train our Team Members. Radiologic Technologists benefit from on-the-job training in MRI. We require our Technologists to take the MR advanced registry, as a result, our Technologists have the highly regarded credential on their licenses. Nuclear Medicine Technologists benefit from training in and exposure to the latest clinical imaging modality, PET/CT. A rather new imaging modality, PET/CT is regarded as the newest wave in disease detection. Developing a knowledge of PET/CT imaging puts our Technologists ahead in their field.

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