Medical Imaging Assistant

Position:              Medical Imaging Assistant
Reports To:         Regional Operations Manager
                             Regional Vice President
                             Chief of Field Operations
FLSA Status:       Non-Exempt

GENERAL SCOPE OF WORK: Under the general direction of the Regional Operations Manager, with the clinical supervision of the Radiologist at each site, assists in the completion of examinations on patients of all ages.


  1. Transports patients to and from the mobile coach/facility.  Maintains patient care, comfort and safety during transport to and from the mobile coach.
  2. Assists Technologist with completion of the Patient Screening form.
  3. Under the guidance and approval of the Technologist on duty, positions patients on the scanner surface in order to facilitate the performance of the examination.
  4. Provide images to the facility in the desired site format, where applicable.
  5. Assists with the set up and tear down of the equipment in accordance with SMS and/or manufacturers’ guidelines, if applicable.
  6. Maintains a clean environment inside and outside of the mobile coach/facility.
  7. Completes necessary administrative tasks (i.e. time/activity reports and billing).
  8. Follows quality assurance guidelines and maintains patient confidentiality.
  9. Cooperates with facility healthcare personnel and complies with facility policies and procedures.
  10. Complies with all safety policies and regulations.
  11. Trains new Team Members as required and/or as assigned by the supervisor and/or SMS management.
  12. Performs additional duties as required.



  1. High School Diploma or equivalent preferred
  2. Must possess a Drivers’ License with good driving record.


  1. Must be able to safely transport patients with or without assistance.
  2. Able to demonstrate competency in all applicable areas.
  3. Capable of a flexible work schedule, with possibility of 10+ hour days, may include overnight, weekend and holiday shifts.
  4. Must be able to interact with client personnel and SMS Team Members in a responsible, professional and ethical manner.
  5. Must be able to function effectively in a team-oriented environment.
  6. Must be flexible, reliable and demonstrate sound judgment and initiative.
  7. Responsible for the following and adhering to TJC/SMS Quality Standards which includes, but is not limited to: CPR, immunizations, training (SMS and Site Specific), Infection Control, and Invasive Procedures (if applicable)


  1. Work is primarily performed in mobile unit with frequent trips outside to transport patients during all seasons.
  2. Exposure to inclement weather from transporting patients to and from facility to mobile unit.
  3. Mobile unit has artificial lighting, with some daylight from windows or doors.
  4. May have exposure to radiation or magnetic field in scan room.
  5. Possible exposure to blood, body fluids, or tissues from working with patients and performing injections as required.


  1. Sits, stands, and walks intermittently throughout the day.
  2. Climbs stairs to enter mobile unit and tractor.
  3. Squats or kneels and lifts objects from ground occasionally.
  4. Full extension of arms above head and in front of body.
  5. Frequently lifts weight of up to 10 pounds.
  6. Occasionally lifts weight of up to 75 pounds.
  7. Occasionally carries objects weighing up to 55 pounds.
  8. Occasionally push/pull objects with force of up to 72 pounds.
  9. May transfer patients weighing up to 550 pounds with a variety of assistance from other staff or equipment.
  10. Must possess good balance.

209 Limestone Pass
Cottage Grove, WI 53527
An Employee Owned Company
Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Employer 


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